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Contact Us:

3649 Pump Station Road
Rosebud, Missouri 63091


Phone:  (573) 437-7628


About Our Programs





Hands-On Education . . .

. . . is very important at Earth's Classroom. We strive to develop full experiences for your students by using all five senses, to enable you to bring your teaching and your students' education to life.


Interdisciplinary Courses . . .

. . . encourage students to learn a combination of skills in each program, such as mathematics, writing, problem-solving, history, art, science and teambuilding. A good example is the program topic "Spring Phenology."


A "Missouri" education . . .

. . . is one of our main goals. All program topics are related to Missouri's natural history. Even topics of cultural history will be specific to Missouri. This will provide your students with an understanding and relationship with the environment in which they exist.


Scouting and youth organizations . . .

. . . can also participate in Earth's Classroom programs. Badge programs are available for Scouts, and primitive camping is available for interested groups.


Specially designed programs . . .

. . . are also possible at your request. We will work with you the best we can within our abilities to satisfy your goals.