Program Topics


Specially designed programs at your request are also a possibility.  We will work with you the best we can within our abilities to satisfy your goals. For more adventure based programs visit Adventure Education.

Ecological Topics

(March–October): Explore in EC’s beautiful aquatic habitats to find creatures and learn about their unique life stories. Be introduced to simple dichotomous keys.

HERPETOLOGY: ( study of reptiles and amphibians )
(April–October): Discover the unique adaptations of our local reptiles and amphibians. Take a hike to EC’s “herp pond” and catch different species of amphibians.

ORNITHOLOGY: ( study of birds )
(year round): Using observation skills, learn how to identify local bird species by sight AND by sound. Binoculars and spotting scopes will be provided, as well as instruction on how to appropriately use them.

(year round): Hear fascinating stories about Missouri’s wild mammals as well as examine both furs and skulls. Take home your very own plaster of Paris track of a Missouri wild mammal.

(April–October): Plants are fascinating organisms. Learn about the basics of photosynthesis and how to use a dichotomous key to identify many different species.

(April–May): Learn to look very close at the details of a flower while using a spring flora dichotomous key to test your observation skills. Also learn about edible and historical uses of our spring botany.

DENDROLOGY ( study of trees )
(year round): Understand the amazing role that trees play in our lives and the earth’s ecosystem. Using observation skills, learn how to identify specific tree species by their leaves, buds winter), and bark. Also, learn the inner workings of a tree.

(year round): Learn the role of predators and preys, the relationships between producers, consumers, and decomposers, and hear the tales of some of the most unique ecosystems we have in Missouri. Also, see how fire ecology has been implemented into management for healthy biodiversity.

(year round): Smell, taste, and feel what prairie plants and their seeds have to share.Explore through our prairie, visit the bird houses within it, and discover the powerful adaptations of a prairie ecosystem!

(year round): Challenge your orienteering skills by using a compass through a 20-acre treasure hunt.Gain understanding on how creatures such as birds and salamanders use Earth’s magnetism to guide them through life.This can be quite the adventure! 

Cultural History Topics

(year round): Glimpse into the past to learn the Native American Indians of Missouri’s uses of the local natural resources.Learn fire skills, home construction styles, sign language, and twining with a take-home bone and glass bead jewelry piece.A guest speaker includes storytelling and drumming.

(year round): Taste, make, wear and understand the Civil War in Missouri.  Experience the taste of hardtack, make hand dipped candles, and see what it was like to dress like a Civil War soldier.

(year round): Test your knowledge and skills of this industry.  Dive into the storytelling of the life of a fur trapper.  Discover the customs and materials that were traded, and test your ability at tomahawk throwing!