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To use experiential education to advance awareness, understanding and appreciation of ecology, cultural history and their interrelationship.

As of July 1st, 2023 Earth’s Classroom has worked with 74,200 participants since 1999!

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HEY JUNIORS AND SENIORS! HERE is your FSCE 2023-2024 application which is due to EC’s office by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2023! You will be notified of ACCEPTANCE on September 10th or 11th! And the first course is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURES! Good Luck!

Join Earth’s Classroom in this old fashioned paddling race on Missouri’s most crooked river! Next race date is set for Saturday, APRIL 20th, 2024!! REGISTRATION will open in January 2024. Click logo below for REGISTRATION FORM and RACE RULES

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