About Our Facility

Earth’s Classroom, located South of Rosebud, MO was founded in September of 1999 by Bill and Jody Miles. Young in body and spirit, they have worked hard on the 179-acre facility to make it the “blackboard” to teach from.


In cooperation with Missouri Department of Conservation and Shaw Nature Reserve, there has been a continuing project to make the property a living example of Missouri’s biodiversity.A fifteen-acre prairie with approximately 50 native plant species has taken the place of old barren pastures. Aggressive non-native species have been eradicated. A control burn plan has benefited native flora and fauna across the open woodland habitat. Living History areas have been developed to interpret the Civil War, Southern Fur Trade and Native American Indian Cultures of Missouri. A pavilion and outdoor amphitheater area have been recently improved by eagle scout projects as well as other projects…all improving the quality of our facility.

Earth’s Classroom is the dream and passion of Bill and Jody Miles.  Their combined experience includes working for the Superior National Forest in Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources (state parks division) in Missouri, Arkansas and Minnesota, and environmental/experiential education centers such as Audubon Center of the Northwoods, MN, Dodge Nature Center, MN, and Lions Den Outdoor Learning Center, MO. These experiences have enriched their knowledge with unique opportunities such as participating in wolf research, tarantula research, native plant restoration, and participating in thousands of acres of controlled ecological burns. All of these broad exposures spice up their ability to share the unique web of life they have witnessed.


From Owensville

Take Hwy 19 South for 2 miles. Turn left (East) on Hwy V. Go approximately 6 miles to Hwy T and turn left (North). Go approximately 1/8 mile and turn left on Pumpstation Rd. Turn left at the second driveway.

From Sullivan

Take Hwy 185 North for 2 miles to Hwy H. Take Hwy H Northwest to Hwy AN. Turn left on Hwy AN then immediately turn right on Red Oak Creek Rd. Go approximately 3 miles to Hwy T. Turn left on Hwy T and go one mile to Pumpstation Rd (turn right onto Pumpstation Rd). Turn left at the second driveway.

From Cuba

Take Hwy 19 North for 19 miles to Hwy V. Turn right on Hwy V and go 6 miles to Hwy T. Turn left on Hwy T and go approximately 1/8 mile to Pumpstation Rd. Turn left on Pumpstation Rd. and then left at the second driveway.

From Jefferson City

Take Hwy 50 East for 55 miles to Rosebud. (See Rosebud directions below)

From Union

Take Hwy 50 West for 23 miles to Rosebud. (See Rosebud directions below)

From Washington

Take Hwy 100 West. Turn left on Hwy A and go to Hwy BB. Turn right on BB and follow until it ends at Hwy 50. Take Hwy 50 West for 19 miles to Rosebud. (See Rosebud directions below)

From Rosebud

Take Hwy T South for 6 miles. Turn right on Pumpstation Rd. (gravel). Go 1/8 mile and turn left at the second driveway.